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    Free Robux generator

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    Free Builders Club Upgrade

    Can't afford the overpriced Builders Club membership? Not to worry, using our program you can join Classic, Turbo or Outrageous for absolutely nothing. Experience Roblox with no ads, create your own groups and receive daily Robux!

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    Guaranteed safety

    The only free Robux and Builders Club generator hack that works in 2018.
    The safety of your account is guaranteed as we don't require a download, survey or a password!


Features of Builders Club and Robux

Join Groups

Join more than the standard 5 groups. Build places, socialize with others and fight in games. Groups are a great way to communicate with others.

Daily Robux

Receive a daily allowance of Robux depending on your level of Builders Club. Use this to change your username, purchase items in the catalog and endless other things!

Trade System

Access the Builders Club Trade System, allowing you to trade limited gears, faces and hats while eliminating the risk of being scammed.

Bonus Gear

Access exclusive bonus gear available for Builders Club members only that you can use in games.

Sell Stuff

Create and sell your own creations to other Roblox players and receive a commission in Robux to spend on whatever you like.

Ad Free

Sick and tired of ads? Enjoy a smooth gameplay experience with no more ugly ads on Roblox.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some answers for you

How do the Free Robux and Builders Club programs work?

Ideally, we would like our website to continue working for as long as possible. Therefore, we must be careful not to divulge any specific information as to how we operate that could be used by Roblox to fix the bug. What we can state, is that our website utilises the exploit in their system to instantly verify if your Roblox account exists before proceeding to add Robux and/or Builders Club membership to your account.

Do you make any money from this website?

No. This website will always remain non-profit, with the sole purpose of providing the less fortunate Roblox players who are unable to pay extortionate prices. We place ads on the website in order to fund the high server costs and keep the website running.

What do I do if I don't receive Robux or Builders Club?

Do not panic! Our website is very popular and our servers often find it hard to keep up with the requests. We aim to deliver your Robux and Builders Club membership within 10 minutes, however, during peak times it could take up to 24 hours. Be patient, it's worth it.

Are your programs safe to use?

Both the Robux Generator and the Builders Club Upgrade are completely safe. Based on our statistical analysis, we have calculated that a total of 200,000 Robux and all levels of Builders Club can be added before raising suspicion. Furthermore, we do not require a download, survey or password.


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